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What Sets Us Apart

Things to consider when comparing contractors and their lake shore products:
  • Experience
  • Strength/Longevity/Build Quality
  • Design/Ease of Use

  • Maintenance
  • Repairs

Mike Adey has been in the industry for more than 30 years and specializes in shore line products, It is all we do. We are based in Rennie, Manitoba which positions us in the heart of cottage country. With our products being manufactured this close to you we can offer lower delivery costs. Our designs have been improved upon for years and are all c
ustomized to fit your specific needs.

Strength/Longevity/Build Quality:

Steel Trusses - Our products are made of high strength steel trusses.

Double Welded - All of our products are welded both top and bottom to increase the overall strength and durability of our products.

Round Legs - Our leg supports are round, rather than square to withstand cracking and lateral forces from all directions.

Stainless Steel Lift Cables - All of our lifting products come standard with Stainless Steel lift cables so they don't rust and break like Galvanized cable. 

Galvanized Legs and Bases - Our support legs and their bases are galvanized to resist rusting much longer than simply black painted steel legs and bases (pads).

Bolted Bases - All of our leg support bases are bolted to the legs rather than friction fit, to ensure they don't fall off when lifting them off the bottom of the lake for the winter.

Primed and Painted - All of our products and component (other than galvanized components) are primed before they are painted to protect your investment from surface rust.

Pressure Treated Wood - We use pressure treated wood for the tops of our decks, docks, and stairs. Treated lumber is designed for wet conditions where untreated wood rots.

Bolted Down Decking Pallets - All of our docks have removable decking that has 4 bolts rather than 2 holding each pallet down. This keeps the wind and waves from ripping the wood off your dock during storms. We use bolts rather than wood screws because they last longer and are much stronger.

Boat Lift Rail Support - Our boat lift rail systems (Boat Ramps) have extra supports between their sections to keep them from breaking when being lifted for the winter.

Screwed Decking - All of our wood topped products are screwed rather than nailed. This increases strength and makes future modifications and maintenance easier. 

Heavy Duty Boat Dollies - Our dollies (carts) are built extra tough to increase their reliability and durability.

Reinforced Decks - If you are adding a dock (particularly a floating dock) to your deck we reinforce the decks to withstand the added strain from the dock. 

Arched Walkways - Our floating dock walkways are arched like a bridged to increase their strength and decrease the amount of "bounce" they have when walking on then.

Foam Injected Floats - Both our floating dock and arched walkway floats have foam injected floats. This means that if they happen to be punctured they still float, allowing you to wait until the fall to change it.

High Strength Bolts - All of our floating dock/arched walkway joining bolts are a high strength Grade 8 bolt (gold color) for increased shearing strength.

Lifting Capabilities - Our systems allow you to lift them out of the water for the winter. When ice forms on your lake in the winter it moves in the spring. If your dock or boat lift is left in the ice it becomes vulnerable to the moving ice which can cause catastrophic irreparable damage.

Design/Ease of Use:

Splayed Support Legs - Our docks and boat rails have legs that angle out away from themselves a few degrees. This increases stability and decreases side to side sway.

Removable Wood Top - Pallet style decking comes standard on all of our docks. They are built in smaller sections than our competitors so they are easier to move in the spring and fall. The pallets are attached to the steel frame with bolts that can be removed and installed quickly and easily. 

Longer Arched Walkways - The longer your arched walkway is the less steep the transition from the shore to your floating dock becomes, and therefore the easier and safer it is to walk on. That is why our floating dock packages come with longer walkways than most other companies. 

Stable Floating Docks - We use low profile long length floats to increase the stability of our floating docks. The higher your dock is out of the water the more top heavy and unstable it becomes.

Tall, Safe, and Electric Lift Systems - Our "A-Frame" style lift systems for lifting our docks and boat lifts out of the water are built a minimum of 10 feet tall.
This increases the vertical lifting force and decrease the horizontal strain on the pivot point which makes it easier to lift. The hand winch we use on all of our A-Frames are "Worm Gear" style. This winch allows you to simply rotate the handle clockwise to go up and counter clockwise to go down. This also means you can use a corded hand drill to spin the handle and lift or lower your dock or boat rail.


The design and quality of our products allows them to be used for years on end with very little maintenance. Round galvanized legs, galvanized leg bases, and stainless steel cables are just a few aspects that reduce weathering effects and increase the lifespan of our products. Our boat lift rail systems (Boat Ramps) require the most maintenance out off all of our products, which is to simply grease 6 bearings once a year! 


Lakeside Enterprises is willing and able to modify, repair, or replace other manufactures products. We have a team of service experts that can carry out all of your maintenance and repair requirements. We are also proud to offer Spring Install and Fall Take Out services for all lake shore products. We can have your docks and lifts ready for your arrival in the spring and removed/lifted for the fall so you can rest and relax when you come to the lake. 


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